What is Hope Delivery?

“Our mission is to do one of the simplest things – to nourish those who have fallen through the safety net and Australians who are struggling to look after themselves. We aim to feed as many people per week across Sydney and Melbourne.”

Rockpool Dining Group launched Hope Delivery in March 2020, a much-needed community meal program in Sydney and Melbourne to feed international hospitality Visa workers, the homeless and disadvantaged who have been severely affected by the current pandemic.

To date, we have sent out over 110,000 meals across Sydney and Melbourne since we started in March 2020 and have raised in excess of $300,000 but need more to continue the work we have started. We feel that the vulnerable members of our local and international community are going to need our support for some time to come. It is our mission to raise money in order to continue to feed as many people as we can.

Backed by Rockpool Dining Group’s charitable arm, Rockpool Foundation, the meals are being prepared and distributed directly from Rosetta Sydney and Rockpool Bar & Grill Melbourne.

Other recipients of the Hope Delivery meal program include OzHarvest who work with the homeless and the underprivileged people in our community, women’s and children’s crisis centres and youth shelters who need our help and support more than ever.


To deliver Hope, we assembled the head chefs, restaurant managers, waiters and an army of volunteers from our friends at Qantas, Stedmans Hospitality, HSBC to the wonderful individuals from around the community who have volunteered to work at Rosetta in Sydney and Rockpool Bar & Grill Melbourne, eager to help prepare and pack a range of nutritious meals each day and every week.

Hope Delivery also gives support to Australia’s valuable fruit and vegetable growers as well as the restaurant industry’s beef, lamb, chicken and seafood producers who have been severely impacted by a slow in demand for their produce.

Three pillars that enables this program to work efficiently

The Rockpool Foundation is a fully-fledged and audited foundation.

There are 2000+ brilliant staff and a willing work force through JobKeeper and volunteering.

There is a well-established and efficient infrastructure in our Group’s commercial kitchens to prepare the volume of meals per day.


Through the Rockpool Foundation, financial support is needed from Government, both State and Federal, corporate partners and private citizens to continue to support our community.

The Foundation invites everyone from the community to participate in Hope Delivery through donating a few dollars. Every dollar goes towards feeding and nourishing those in need. For ten dollars we can feed five people, please help us feed thousands.


Be at the forefront of helping support the community through these tough times

Showcase Corporate Social Responsibility and association through meaningful social impact

The opportunity for staff involvement and giving to the community through volunteering

The ability to celebrate community spirit and deliver good news and hope through your own channels

Promote your association with Hope Delivery and spread the positive, supportive message

Representation on The Rockpool Foundation and Hope Delivery websites

We would like to welcome a community of Partners at various levels;

$35,000 bring hope & nourishment to 14,000 people

$20,000 bring hope & nourishment to 8,000 people

$10,000 bring hope & nourishment to 4,000 people

$5,000 bring hope & nourishment to 2,000 people

(All charity donations are tax deductible)


The vision to give generously to the community has been in the Rockpool DNA for more than 30 years with Neil Perry raising millions of dollars for charity. After years of supporting the Starlight Children’s Foundation, OzHarvest, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Mission Australia and many smaller charitable organisations and people, the Rockpool Foundation was established in 2013.

For the past seven years, the Rockpool Foundation has raised and donated millions of dollars to charitable events and community projects: from OzHarvest and The Starlight Children’s Foundation, to Bear Cottage, the Steve Waugh Foundation, CanTeen, Camp Quality, The Prostate Cancer Foundation, Sydney Children’s Hospital and more.


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